Let Microchips DS Preserve Your Memories Digitally

Let Microchips DS Preserve Your Memories Digitally

Get VHS to DVD conversion services in Twin Falls, ID

Many new devices don't work with older technology, so playing your old tapes or records might be impossible with your new sound system. But that doesn't mean you have to box up all of your favorite records and home videos.

Microchips DS in Twin Falls, ID offers data saving and conversion services to turn retro tapes, records and photos into quality digital copies. Using VHS to DVD conversion or photo negative conversion, we can make your files and videos more easily accessible.

Contact us in Twin Falls, ID today for audio conversion and video preservation services.

Quality and affordable file conversion

Keep your favorite records and home videos for years to come. Turn to Microchips DS for...

  • File and data external backup
  • VHS to DVD conversion
  • 8mm and 16 mm film preservation
  • Film to digital photo conversion
  • Vinyl and cassette audio conversion

Don't let your old vinyl record and VHS tapes sit unused. Schedule our audio and video preservation services today.